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How to Use Shortcode Area


  • genres

Meta key & value

  • hot (1, 0)
  • project (1, 0)
  • status (Ongoing, Completed, Hiatus)
  • type (Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, Comic)

note: 1 = Yes, 0 = No

Order by

  • title (by name)
  • modified (by modified post)
  • date (by date post)
  • rand (random)


  • DESC
  • ASC


[ch title="#" tax="#" slug="#" key="#" value="#" orderby="#" order="#" total="#" more="#"]

where is taxonomy slug?? click here

In this tutorial, I give an example to create latest ‘action’ manhwa with view more link to https://mangastream.themesia.com/genres/action/

  • Goto MangaStream settings > Homepage
  • In the Shortcode Area, write the shortcode like this
    [ch title="Latest Action Manhwa" tax="genres" slug="action" key="type" value="manhwa" orderby="modified" total="5" more="https://mangastream.themesia.com/genres/action"]

Another example, i create latest added manhua
[ch title="Latest Added Manhua" key="type" value="manhua" orderby="date" total="5"]

Example create latest added action and adventure genres
[ch title="Latest Added Action & Adventure" tax="genres" slug="action,adventure" orderby="date" total="5"]